Akira Kondo, CEO and President

Akira Kondo

Akira Kondo established ADCO in February 2009 and became its President and Representative Director.
He has extensive experience in acquiring and executing M&A and various equity finance deals for major domestic and international companies.
While working at Mitsubishi Bank's San Francisco and San Jose branches, he was in charge of companies in Silicon Valley.
After that, he worked at the Singapore branch, London branch, and the head office.
When he was Deputy Branch Manager of the London Branch, he was in charge of European affairs, Head of Corporate Sales, and Secretary General of the European Merger Committee with the Bank of Tokyo.
When he was General Manager of Head Office Sales Division, he was in charge of the telecommunications, steel, and chemical sectors, and has a strong industry network in these fields. In 2000, after Mitsubishi Bank acquired Kokusai Securities from Nomura Securities, he was transferred from Mitsubishi Bank to Kokusai Securities.
After that, he was engaged in the integration of more than 10 securities companies, and was appointed as General Manager of the Investment Banking Division and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (now Mitsubishi Morgan Stanley Securities), which was finally established after the integration.
As Global Head of Investment Banking, he was responsible for all aspects of MUFG Group's investment banking division.
He is currently an advisor to Bain Capital and an advisor to CVA, a European consulting firm.

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University.

Terutoshi Komatsu, Executive Vice President

Terutoshi Komatsu

Joined Nippon Ferrofluidics Corp. (currently Ferrotec Holdings Corporation) in 1983, worked at the head office and was in charge of sales/marketing of the products for hard disk equipment, mainly in Japan, and the United States. In 1997, he established a local subsidiary in Singapore, became Managing Director of Ferrotec Singapore. After returning to the head office in Japan in 2001, as an executive operating officer and general manager of the sales division, he handled all products handled by Ferrotec, and succeeded in expanding sales of the products. In addition, promoted M & A and business alliances with other companies in Japan, USA, Singapore, Russia, etc. He become a director (board) of Ferrotec Corp. in 2008 and was appointed Senior Managing Director (later Executive Vice President) of Ferrotec Ceramics Corp. (currently Ferrotec Material Technologies), and succeed in sales of their ceramic products to semiconductor process equipment manufacturers in the USA. He became an executive operating officer of ADMAP Corp(currently Ferrotec Material Technologies). in 2015.
In 2017, Ferrotec. became a holding company and he was appointed the president of Ferrotec Corp. which was a business continuation company split from Ferrotec Holdings. Retired from Ferrotec Holdings in 2022. Became an advisor to ADCO and continues to the present.

He graduated from Obirin University, Faculty of Economics

Yasuhiro Matsumura, Executive Vice President

Yasuhiro Matsumura

Yasuhiro Matsumura, responsible for strategic planning at MUFG Bank Market Business Group, contributed in planning and executing strategies for entering the securities business and asset management business, including alliances with domestic securities companies and foreign investment banks. As a staff member of the chairing Bank of the Japanese Bankers Association, he was also in charge of negotiating with authorities regarding the entry of banks into the securities business. He is engaged in investment banking business (mainly M&A business) in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities. Thereafter he assumed a position in charge of sales and product planning at Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management.
After engaged in private equity business at an investment fund, he was appointed as a director and chairman of audit and supervisory committee of Human Associates Holdings Co., Ltd. in June 2020, and played a leading role, as a chairman of the company's special committee, in managing a TOB offering from a major general trading company in 2021.
Since May 2023, he has been an executive vice president of ADCO.

He has graduated from Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo, and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Masanori Takano, Executive Director

asanori Takano

He joined ADCO in December 2020. After working for a major retailer, he worked as a customer engineer for a financial back-office DB solution at an IT venture company. After working in the apparel industry at Funai Consulting Incorporated, Inc., where he was involved in apparel chain M&A business DD, consulting for department stores, and real estate brokerage consulting etc., he focused on consulting in the healthcare sector and launched a consulting division for hospitals and clinics. After that, he established Iryou Consulting S Co. and engaged in consulting for medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies. He is well versed in the healthcare and distribution sectors.

He graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Law

Tatsuya Sakagami, Managing Director

Takuji Kurata

Tatsuya Sakagami joined ADCO in Jan 2023. After graduating from university, he joined the Bank of Tokyo (now MUFG Bank) and engaged mainly in corporate banking. Then, he provided M&A transaction services, primarily financial due diligence on various-sized companies in a wide range of industries, at KPMG FAS. Then he engaged in cross-border M&A advisory service at Tokai Tokyo Securities and Takenaka Partners for almost ten years. He advised many acquisitions in the USA and ASEAN countries by Japanese companies.

He graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Economics, CPA.

Teruyuki Tono, Director

Teruyuki Tono

Teruyuki Tono joined ADCO in May 2018. After graduating from university, he joined an IT vendor and engaged in system development, maintenance and operation projects of leading securities company such as JGB dealing system. After a five-year career of system engineer, he joined BearingPoint Inc (currently PwC Consulting LLC) and engaged in institutional and management accounting projects such as IFRS implementation, Cost accounting restructuring and J-SOX implementation. After 7 years as a consultant, he joined small and mid-sized accounting firms and engaged in advisory services such as IPO, M&A execution and revitalization support.

He graduated from with a BA in Economics, Gakushuin University (JPN), CPA and CMA.

Hidetaka Fukuda, Senior Advisor (specialized in semiconductors)

Since establishment of ADCO, Hidetaka Fukuda has served as a Senior Advisor at ADCO.
Previously, he had over 25 years of experience with Japan’s most important technology companies and Japanese industrial policy. He joined Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 1981 and was responsible for technology and industrial policy for strategic industries including semiconductors, electronics, telecommunication equipment and flat panel displays. Most importantly, during his career at METI, he accumulated his knowledge, experience and human relationships through serving in the engineering area of nuclear, electronic plant, and steel production etc. In 2006, following his departure from METI, Mr. Fukuda launched e-conservo, a consulting firm.

He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (JPN) and holds a Master Degree of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Tokyo.

Kiyoshi Shikano, Senior Advisor (Executive Producer of CEATEC*; specialized in consumer electronics, electronics retail and EC)

Since September 2014, Kiyoshi Shikano has served as a Senior Advisor at ADCO.
Previously, he has worked for Sony Corporation over 40 years, mainly in the area of Sales and Marketing Business in Japan and overseas, and has established strong business networks both domestically and globally. In 2006, he took a position of Director, Corporate Senior Vice President at Sony Marketing Inc., and he took a position of Senior General manager, Global Marketing Div., Sony Corporation in 2007; SVP, Corporate Executive, Sony Corporation in 2008; and President, Global Sales & Marketing Group, Sony Corporation in 2009. He had been in charge of External Relations and Kansai Region, Sony Corporation since 2012. In June 2014, he resigned SVP, Corporate Executive, and retired from Sony Corporation.

He graduated from UEC (The University of Electro-Communications).

* CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies): The largest international IT and electronics exhibition in Asia held every year in October

Tokunori Taniyama, Senior Advisor (specialized in steel industry)

Tokunori Taniyama joined NIPPON STEEL CORPOTRATION in 1971, engaged in process control, sales planning, sales of steel stock for home and abroad at headquarters and steel plant. After assuming the position of electron steel plate sales manager and steel bar sales manager in the headquarters, he transferred to NIPPON STEEL LOGISTICS CO., LTD. and attempted to expand the sales as an executive director and a general manager. He became president and CEO of NIPPON STEEL PIPE CO., LTD. and broadened the company’s business by expanding the domestic manufacturing base, tapping into the markets in China, business integration with companies in the same industry. Along with the merger of NIPPON STEEL CORPOTRATION and SUMITOMO METAL INDUSTRIES, LTD. he conducted the business integration with SUMITOMO STEEL PIPE and that leads to make NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN PIPE CO., LTD.  He became an executive advisor there. After the merger, he played a part in changing the business structure such as incorporating overseas bases, integrating the domestic production bases, and in this way he contributed to the enhancement of the company’s quality. He left the company in 2016, and became a corporate adviser of ADCO.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University (JPN).

Hirotoshi Fushida, Senior Advisor (resident in Singapore)

Hirotoshi Fushida joined the Sanwa Bank, Ltd. (currently the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) in 1996 and engaged in corporate sales. He has been involved in M&A advisory activities since 2001, starting with Global Management Directions Limited (currently KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.) and then with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. He joined Amidas Partners in July 2007. At Amidas Partners, he headed the cross-border transaction team from 2011, and moved to Singapore in 2015. He founded Musashi Capital in 2017, to specialize in ASEAN cross-border M&A. His track record in cross-border transaction includes advice on acquisition of Singapore F&B company, logistics, construction material distribution company, scaffolding company, switch board manufacturing company, staffing company. In addition he has a track record in Vietnam and India.

He graduated from the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University (JPN).

Jun Otsuka, Senior Advisor

Jun Otsuka joined the Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. in 1982 (currently, Mizuho Bank) and engaged in derivatives and underwriting securities business. He has been a fund manager during 1989 to 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland and managed a fund supported by institutional investors in Europe and the Middle East. He was stationed in Hong Kong to become the CEO of Mizuho Asia Securities Ltd. After leaving Mizuho Bank, he joined JIP (Japan Industrial Partners) a buy-out fund in Japan. He joined Mitsubishi UFJ Asia Securities Ltd. as deputy MD, and started a venture capital fund with the Roosevelt Trust. During his experience in Asia, he has invested more than 16 companies. He established a business succession fund with JIP in 2015, and actively managing portfolio companies. He act as an active director to increase market value based on his management skills.

He has a MBA degree from University of Chicago, and graduated from Keio University. CMA.