1 M&A Advisory

We seek M&A opportunities through close communication with clients and partner companies, and propose the best transaction scheme for our clients.
We also provide various advisory services to ensure smooth execution.

With our network in Southeast Asia and Australia, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in both Japan and cross-border transactions.
Our services also include support throughout the various stages of M&A, including due diligence, post-M&A consulting, among others.

2 Business Strategy Consulting

We provide a wide range of solutions, from presenting solutions to issues that are fundamental to corporate strategy, such as business portfolio restructuring and analysis of markets and products to focus on, to practical-level tactics, such as methods for entering overseas markets and compliance with laws and regulations.

3 Financial Solutions

In order to solve the financial problems of client companies, we present appropriate financing methods and provide advisory services on their implementation.
We offer a wide range of options, from raising capital in the open market to raising mezzanine capital from securities companies
and funds.

4 Company and Industry Analysis

We analyze specific companies and industries at the request of client companies.
While using public information as a base, we elucidate the actual situation of companies and industries through various interviews.


1 Network with financial institutions and consulting firms

ADCO exchanges information with several major domestic and international financial institutions and consultants on a regular basis, and possesses advanced information gathering capabilities.

2 Access to a wide range of industries and companies

Through its network of internal members, advisors, and partners, ADCO has access to major companies in each industry, including mid-sized companies. We respond to customer requests and search for the best match.

3 Ability to provide solutions

We are able to provide comprehensive services through our partner companies, from the planning of client business strategies and research of the business environment to the implementation of capital and funding procurement and M&A execution. Rather than local optimization, we aim to optimize the entire client company and support the enhancement of corporate value.